Applying magnetic snaps

(NL) Magneetsluitingen zetten

Magnetic snaps are easy to apply, they are strong and they give your bag a professional look. You don’t need any tool to apply them.Apply before sewing the lining and outer together.

Magnetic snap comprise of 4 parts: :

  • male
  • female
  • 2 swashers

how to apply magnetic snap
how to apply magnetic snap
1. Mark the area where you want place the snap.

how to apply magnetic snap2. Make two slits into your markings.
Push the prongs from the right side of your fabric to the left side.

how to apply magnetic snap3. Slip one of the thin metal discs over the prongs on the wrong side of the snap.
I Add a square of thin cotton bathing for reinforcement. you can also apply Fusible Interfacing before making the cuts.

how to apply magnetic snap4. Push the prongs down flat (away from each other) with your thumb or against the edge of the table.

how to apply magnetic snap
how to apply magnetic snap
5. Lay the other side of the lining on the first one, right sides facing each other and mark the place of the magnetic snap exactly above the one you just inserted.

how to apply magnetic snap
6. Repeat steps 2 – 4.

how to apply magnetic snapNow you can assemble the bag.

how to apply magnetic snap

(NL) Magneetsluitingen zetten

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  1. I have never heard of a magnetic snap! I am looking about to see what I can use them for now! Thanks for the lesson Ayala! I loved your Mother-in-law’s superstitions! Your comment made me laugh!

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