Quilt “as you go” placements

5 years ago I used the Quilt “As you go” method for the first time when I made a runner, which still lays in the same place in my house as back then.

With this method you can quickly make a small quilt, for example if you want to quickly create a gift . This time I made 4 small placements of approximately 25 cm X 25 cm and we use them regularly in the garden, for example, under dishes with homemade vegan strawberry ice cream!

There are many recipes in pinterest for strawberry ice cream without milk and without yogurt. There are also videos. You should know though that it takes longer to blitz frozen fruits than the films show and that it might be better not to throw in all the fruits at once so that the knife in the food processor don’t get stuck.

Another tip I can share: I also add pieces of frozen coconut to the frozen strawberries and banana (I buy a package from the frozen department and add just a little bit so One packages for many ice creams!). The pieces of the coconut become small but the do not disappear completely and you find them in the ice cream as you eat. The children love it!


Trapunto ohio stars

I am proud to present the finished quilt, using the technique machine trapunto that I have recently learned from a book I borrowed from the quilters guild library. I used in this quilt the 4 pieces of fabric I received from the quilters guild as a part of the quilting anniversary challange that will be exhibited in the general exhibition of the dutch quilters guild in September.

It is a small quilt of 52 x 52 cm. I had to make the binding larger then 3/4 inch because it  was almost too small for the requirements!

Some close up photo’s:

Meanwhile I have read that 178 quilts were sent to the exhibition!