You no longer wear it but you can’t let it go. what now?

I have some clothes in my closet that I have not been wearing for many years. Some because they are too small and others too short (some may have shrank in years of washing but a few are just from the time that I wore short skirts that I wouldn’t dare anymore). I don’t usually keep them. I often give clothes away. However, I have couple of items that managed to escape multiple selections. These are the clothing with “emotional value” and I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away!

For ecological reasons I do not want to buy new clothes and I prefer to make my own clothes. Sewing or crocheting a dress yourself takes longer than buying one online with a few clicks of the mouse. From a minimalist ideology, I also don’t want any unused items in the house. That brings us back to items of clothing that take up space in the closet while I never wear them. One garment was a long pink skirt with pink stars. I remember where I bought the skirt about 20 years ago. It was time to throw it away or – make something new out of it!

The idea was to make a dress from the skirt. I had to cut the top because the waist was too narrow.

Then I crocheted 20 granny squares. I have chosen a granny square with a star. I found the drawing of the pattern in pinterest: here. I crochet rows 3 and 4 in the same color so that the star stands in a circle and row 5 has the same color for all blocks.

I then stitched the blocks together and added a few rows at the bottom and finally stiched it on the skirt. I also cut the skirt and made a new hem because it started to break up.

I walked with this dress the 🌈 “Pride March” 🌈 in Amsterdam and climbed the Acropolis in Athens!

Above the Akropolis, Athens.

Sewing and crocheting eco-friendly things

Using durable reusable things instead of plastic disposable items is very important to me. I still use a shopping bag that I sewed almost 10 years ago!
When shop for groceries, I prefer to pick fruit and vegetables that are not packaged. I buy loose oranges for example and not the oranges in a plastic net and loose apples instead of apples laid in styrofoam and covered with plastic. I have already made transparent organza bags  with a string to pack loose fruit and I also use them for bread.


And now I also crocheted shopping bags.
I did not use a pattern and also did not write a pattern but I took some pictures of the process. I believe you can understand how I made them from the photos and do the same if you want. If you must have a pattern you will find a lot of similar patterns on pinterest if you look up the words 
crochet shopping bags free patterns (or click on the link :P).

I started with a chain  in the desired length of the bag. I think it was 66 or 68

This is the first row:

And this is still the first row, preparing to crochet in a circle:

This is the second row. I chrocheted 6-7 row in each color (totally 3 colors)

changing color:

The third color is white (this photo is from the purple bag):

After 6-7 (how many you want) rows in white, 2 rows of single crochet and then the bag handles

Don’t think “This bag is so small! I will make mine much bigger!”
Make no mistake, this bag is very elastic! It is stretched when it is filled with heavy things and become longer!

For decoration I sewed tags:

This bag is very elastic and you can carry a lot in it.



Tunisian crochet

Tunisian crochet looks a lot like crochet but also like knitting, who knows, maybe this technique is the forerunner of  both. We have multiple stitches, like with knitting, but all the stitches stand on one needle that looks more like a long crochet hook than like a knitting needle.

When crocheting in a circle we use a dubble crochet ook. With the one side of the hook we pull up the stitches. Then we turn the work to the other side and finish the stitches that are on the needle. With this dubble crochet hook you can also crochet a dubble sided hat and if you use 2 colors – one for pulling up the stitches and another to finish the stitches then you get in one side a plaid pattern and in the other side strips.

My first project with this technique was a dubble sided hat, with a pom-pom in the top. For this project you need 2 tools:

  1. Double Ended Tunisian Crochet Hook
  2. Pom Pom Maker – Large

and also 3 colors acryl yarn.

It is really easy technique to learn. The needle also comes with instructions and on youtube you can also follow visual instructions. For example this handy (but long) Tunsich gehaakte muts van byClaire World of colors

I also made some hats for Blythe dolls: